Hover Force-compatible 3-D Glasses?

These are the 3-D glasses that Hover Force was designed for! Well, at least the 3-D glasses technology.

Hover Force 3-D was designed for a 3-D technology that shifts red, green and blue objects to different depths through the use of microscopic prisms in the lenses. This is different than the typical red-blue anaglyphic 3-D.

We've found a source for low cost 3-D glasses that use this exact same principle. You can find glasses using this same technology, but sized for small children, in "3-D Sidewalk Chalk." The glasses we offer are sized to fit an adult, and are much more comfortable to wear.


For best results:

  • Play in a darkened room. The microprisms pick up stray light easily, making it harder to see the game.
  • If you wear glasses, wear these over your normal glasses. These 3-D glasses have no corrective optics, but are large enough to fit over many eye-glass styles.
  • Make sure your TV isn't adjusted to be "too bright". Hover Force relies on contrast and certain colors for many of its visual cues, and if your TV is too bright, these wash out and hurt the effect.


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