Overlays: What's "new process" vs. "old process"?

The original Space Patrol overlays are printed on a translucent material and coated with a froasted coating. These overlays have a nice feel to them, but due to their thickness, do not fit well in some controllers. Also, the frosted coating does not make them as opaque as they could be.

With the 2012 release of Space Patrol, we've reprinted the overlays using the process developed by Classic Game Publishers, Inc. This process uses a slightly stiffer but much thinner plastic, back-printed and then coated with a white overcoat. The result is very close to the original Mattel overlays.

Unless someone invents an even better process, Left Turn Only plans to use this newer process for all releases. And, for Space Patrol, we've printed enough new overlays that you can pick up a nice, shiny new pair if you'd like.

Enjoy, and happy gaming!



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